Piecing It All Together

A sweater mom gave me. Another I bought at a thrift store. Bits of wool from an epic failure of a crocheting project. Hand dyed yarn from some lady I found on the Internet. All pieces. Of life, I guess. And, all of them coming together just like minutes and hours and days into long chains of years.


About Ladianne

I'm a writer. Always have been. Add art and photography into the mix and you've got a fairly clear picture of my creative practice. I write for various periodicals in my area. And I'm an avid blogger - My two blogging sites are The Flying Spoon, a publication-style blog, and Trim My Bush And Call It A Topiary, a much more personal look at life on Beaver Mountain, the place we call home. I received a Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts in February 2013, and have since returned to my life's work of capturing the essences of what makes our time on this planet interesting, fun, enlightening, empowering, inspiring, challenging, and meaningful. I'm a believer in our individual and collective power to make positive changes in our lives that can have far-reaching effects on our homes, our communities, and the larger world. Even more, I'm a human being trying to learn how to be more conscious, connected, and aware. Guess that's it... Peace, y'all!
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